Diana Guzman

Therapist. Author. Speaker

Ms. Guzman has impacted my life tremendously. Her technique goes beyond cookie cutter modalities. It’s her caring where I have felt truly safe. If you want to see transform your life to an entire new level, Ms. Guzman is the right choice.!
— Erika C.

Happy Clients

I am very grateful to have known someone who truly understands and has helped me in a way I thought was never possible. Truly blessed to have met Diana Guzman.

— Gissel G. (Therapy Client)

I had a great experience with Life is Now Counseling. Diana really knows what she is doing and is willing to go the extra mile, in a friendly, relaxed way. I highly recommend seeking the expertise and passion of this highly knowledgeable and caring woman.

— Felix Q. (Therapy Client)

This woman knows what she is doing and talking about. Very happy with my experience at Life is Now Counseling. Thank You! So inspiring too!

— Molly H. (Student)

Diana helped me improve my life in such a positive way. Thank you Diana for being there through my troubled times and for supporting me and helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are the best!

— Rey P. (Therapy Client)

Very highly recommended! Not only is Diana the perfect example of what professionalism and customer service skills should consist of; but she loves what she does. The feeling, love, and dedication she puts into her work with clients leaves a mark in every single life she touches…I’m branded for life.

— Lianne H. (Therapy client)

Thanks Diana for such a refreshing approach to the way you practice. I appreciate your outlook and professionalism. Your message of looking inwards re-emphasizes the path that I’m on. You make a difference! Thank You!

— Alice B. (therapy client)

Diana is sincere and straight forward. She is truthful and raw with her clients. My life before was fearful coming from a perspective of lack. I’m grateful for what I have created in my life a a result of Diana’s support. Abundance baby!

— Susan G. (therapy client)

Diana is compassionate but very straight forward in her teaching style . She has impacted my life by helping me see my potential and inspiring me to move forward with my life’s dreams.

— Christian H. (Student)


The Sky is NOT the limit…

When you turn your attention inward, it quickly radiates outwards into your work relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and all aspects of your life. We are designed to connect to the very source of our power, intuition, creativity, sensuality and authentic voice. Take a moment to reflect…

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